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Benefits of being an Owner Builder

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  • Save 20-40% on construction costs on average

  • Save on the usual builder’s margin and warranty insurance costs

  • Control your own project

  • Have a sense of satisfaction knowing that you completed your own project

NSW Owner Builder Course


  • The applicable course fees are payable upon registration, and upon payment being made, a refund will not be available unless we are unable to deliver the training and assessment services that relate to the student’s registration due to one or more factors that are within our control.
  • A student will have 12 months from the date of registering for a course to successfully complete that course, and if a student has not completed that course within that time period, the student will be deemed to have discontinued their studies, and a reactivation fee equivalent to 50% the original fee will apply if the student wishes to recommence the course.
  • Where a student has registered, paid and selected a date to complete a White Card face to face Seminar, if the student fails to attend the Seminar the student will forfeit the course fee for that Seminar. If the student wishes to change their selected Seminar date, an additional fee may apply depending on when the date change request is made and if a third party provider is involved.
  • We own the absolute copyright in all assessment tools that are made available to a student, and such assessment tools can only be used by that student for the sole purpose of completing our course(s).
  • Upon registration, you agree to receive emails from us in relation to the course, as well as any products and services in connection with you being an owner builder. Please note that you are able to unsubscribe from any automated marketing emails.

Information for Students

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