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Owner Builder Centre delivers accredited courses and other related services to thousands of Owner Builders across Australia.

What is an Owner Builder?

An Owner Builder is an individual who performs the traditional role of a licensed builder to manage and co-ordinate construction work that is being carried out on their own residential premises, and who holds an Owner Builder Permit that authorises the individual to act as an owner builder in relation to such construction work.

As part of the project, an Owner Builder orders building materials and engages contractors directly to carry out construction work, and he or she effectively manages the whole project in the same way that a licensed builder normally would.

Home owners become Owner Builders for a variety of reasons, which include licensed builders quoting excessively high amounts to carry out and manage the work, being unavailable to start the project for some time or at all, or where they are unable to obtain the necessary insurance coverage – becoming an Owner Builder can overcome all of these difficulties.

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What work can I do as an Owner Builder?

As an Owner Builder, the law generally allows you to do the following for residential use:

  • build a new home
  • renovate / alter / extend an existing home
  • build a garage, carport or shed
  • build a swimming pool
  • build a pergola or entertainment area
  • any other work in connection with a residential dwelling

Although the law may differ from state to state, as an Owner Builder you will not generally be permitted to perform any work that relates to a commercial / industrial building, or multiple residential dwellings on the same site (apartment buildings etc). For specific information you should check with your state regulator.

Benefits of being an Owner Builder

Becoming an Owner Builder carries with it a wide range of benefits, including the following:

SAVINGS – Owner Builders can save up to 40% on constructions costs, including the project margin that is normally charged by licensed builders.  CLICK HERE to access a featured article on us and owner builders by Domain – Australia’s largest online Real Estate

TIME – Where licensed builders are unavailable, do not have the necessary insurance coverage to start your project, or cannot start your project for some time, becoming an Owner Builder can overcome these difficulties and allow you to start your project as soon as you are ready

CONTROL – Owner Builders are able to exercise a greater level of control over their own project, including the ability to make changes to the construction work more promptly

SATISFACTION – Owner Builders have a greater sense of satisfaction in knowing that they were able to build or renovate their own home themselves

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How do I become an Owner Builder?

In order to obtain an Owner Builder Permit, you must satisfy these general requirements:

  • you must own, or have a prescribed interest in, the residential land where the construction work will to be carried out
  • you must have completed the mandated Owner Builder Course (unless you are exempt from doing so)
  • you must have completed a White Card Course (General Construction Induction Training Course)

To register and complete the mandated White Card + Owner Builder Courses, select your state above.