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Benefits of being an Owner Builder

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  • Save 20-40% on construction costs on average

  • Save on the usual builder’s margin and warranty insurance costs

  • Control your own project

  • Have a sense of satisfaction knowing that you completed your own project


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Owner Builder Insurance

Construction Insurance should be in place for the duration of your Owner Builder project – it’s one of the core items to budget for in planning your project. Click below to get an instant online quote for Owner Builder Insurance.

Why do I need Owner Builder Insurance?

Owner Builders routinely go without insurance. Why?

  • They are completely unaware that they will face the exact same risks as a licensed builder
  • They incorrectly assume that the contractors they engage will have enough insurance coverage
  • Some Owner Builders are of the mistaken belief that their existing Home and Contents insurance also extends to cover all and any risks associated with an Owner Builder project*

*Most Home and Contents policies have exclusions against liability arising from construction work, and many policies also become either seriously compromised or completely invalidated during a construction project. Owner-Builder insurance provides options that address all of these deficiencies.

What insurance do I need?

As an Owner Builder, you will generally be the person who is held responsible for any damage caused to anyone else's property, but even more importantly, for any injury caused to a third party. Serious, or even permanent, injuries can occur on even the smallest projects.

The following insurance types should be considered, and will automatically be included in your quote, where applicable:

  • Contract Works and Public Liability Insurance
  • Voluntary Workers Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Existing Structures Cover
  • Tools and Equipment

Australian Owner Builder Centre is a referrer of insurance products, and does not provide advice in relation to the insurance that you may need. We may be paid a commission in some circumstances for referring our students to certain insurance providers.