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Benefits of being an Owner Builder
  • Save 20-40% on constructions costs on average

  • Save on the usual builder’s margin

  • Control your own project

  • Have a sense of satisfaction knowing that you built your own home

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NSW Owner Builder Course

What is the NSW Owner Builder Course

What is an Owner Builder?

An Owner Builder is a home owner who holds a Permit and performs the traditionally role of a licensed builder and manages construction work that is being carried out on his or her own residential premises.

As part of the project, an Owner Builder orders building materials and engages contractors directly to carry out construction work, and he or she effectively manages the whole project in the same way that a licensed builder normally would.

Becoming an Owner Builder carries with it a wide range of benefits, including the following:

  • SAVINGS – Owner Builders can save 20-40% on constructions costs as well as the builder’s margin that is normally charged by licensed builders.
  • CONTROL – Owner Builders are able to exercise a greater level of control over their own project, including the ability to make changes to the construction work more promptly.
  • SATISFACTION – Owner Builders have a greater sense of satisfaction in knowing that they were able to build their own home.

How do I become an Owner Builder?

In order to obtain an Owner Builder Permit in NSW, you must:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • own, or have a prescribed interest in, the residential land where the construction work will to be carried out
  • live or intend to live in the completed home

If the market value of the labour and materials of your Owner Builder project will be $20,000 or more, you will also need to complete our online accredited Owner Builder Course (formerly known as the 91509NSW Course in Owner Builder Compliance) unless you are exempt from doing so.

What is the Owner Builder Course?

Owner Builder Course onlineThe Owner Builder Course (which, prior to 1 July 2015, was known as the accredited course 91509NSW Course in Owner Builder Compliance) is the mandatory course that all individuals must complete prior to being eligible to apply for a NSW Owner Builder Permit (unless an exemption applies).

In addition to the Owner Builder Course, you will also need to complete a White Card Course (known as the unit CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry), and this is a very basic safety course for all individuals who carry out work in the construction industry. Every owner builder in NSW must also have a White Card.

If you already hold a White Card that has been issued from any state (except from Victoria or Western Australia), you will be able to commence our Owner Builder Course without again having to complete the White Card Course.

If you do not currently hold a White Card, or you hold a White Card that was issued from Victoria or Western Australia, you will first need to complete the White Card Course with us before you can commence the Owner Builder Course.

The Owner Builder Course itself consists of three main topics:

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Drawings, Estimating and Cash Flow
  • Managing the Work

You can complete our Owner Builder Course through either an online or correspondence delivery method.

We have helped thousands of home owners become Owner Builders since 2010, and our IT consultants have designed our online course software to ensure that it is the most user friendly on the training market. To register for our Owner Builder Course, CLICK HERE.

Applying for an Owner Builder Permit

Owner Builder Course onlineAfter you have finished our Owner Builder Course, you will need to apply to NSW Fair Trading for an Owner Builder Permit. In addition to the application form, you will also need to present copies of any certificates we issue you, as well as your White Card.

Permit Application Form – to download the application form to obtain an Owner Builder Permit, CLICK HERE.

Finding a Fair Trading Centre - Applying for your Owner Builder Permit is usually done in person at a Fair Trading Centre. To find a Fair Trading Centre near you, CLICK HERE.

Owner Builder Insurances

When you complete our Owner Builder Course, we will provide you with a competitive insurance quote for your particular project through our alliance insurance partner on Construction Works and Public Liability Insurance – the most important insurance you will need as an Owner Builder.

Our insurance quotes are the most competitive on the insurance market, and include wide coverage, twelve months cover, and low excess amounts.

Owner Builder Services

If you are completing our Owner Builder Course, you will also be entitled to a wide range of other discounts and free services, including:

  • Massive discounts on building products such as Austral bricks, roofing, pavers, timber etc
  • 12 months of Free Legal Assistance
  • Free building contracts
  • Free Safety Management System

For more information about our Owner Builder Services, CLICK HERE.