owner builder course details


The QLD Owner Builder Course consists of the following:
  • QLD module1
    MODULE 1 - Intro to Owner Building
  • QLD0 module2
    MODULE 2 - Plans and Specifications
  • QLD module3
    MODULE 3 - Project Management

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1027NAT QLD Owner Builder Course Online

Beware of UNREGISTERED providers – Only Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) such as us can deliver the QLD Owner Builder Course

Our Online Owner Builder Course is designed for individuals who have at least very basic experience in using computers and the internet, and wish to complete both courses in as little time as possible.

With our Online Course, you will have unlimited access to the online course materials, you will receive instant ‘real time’ results for most questions, and the assessment only pathway can be completed in one day. Upon successful completion of the Course, your Certificate will be instantly generated online for you to immediately access and download.